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What are the order types I can use in StoneX One?

Traders can place four basic order types: market, limit, stop limit, and stop.

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Why was my market order executed at a different price than quoted at the time of order entry?

Market orders are executed “at the best available price.” Accordingly, the fill price of your market order depends on evolving liquidity and trade-related latencies.

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How are my orders executed?

Prior to execution, your orders are routed from the StoneX One platform through our brokerage servers to the exchange. When an order is accepted, it is sent to a matching engine where it is executed at the market.

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How can market volatility affect my orders?

Market volatility can affect your orders in a variety of ways, namely the creation of wide bid-ask spreads and increased slippage. Also, enhanced volatility may cause limit and stop limit orders to go unfilled.

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